Thursday Int/Adv Spinning Pole Classes w/ Aurora - prices - €240

Classes are weekly scheduled on Thursday evening.
First class of series 17: April 11, 2024. No class Thursday May 9.
Full series of 11 classes of 75 minutes is €240.
Students subscribing for an additional series athletic pole in the same trimester (our 'Antwerp Poleninjas') are entitled to a discount of 15%.

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At 5:45pm - week 1-6: Spinning Shapes - During these classes we will work on fascinating and unique shapes that look hypnotising on spin pole. We work on a proper entry and exit, so you can include these moves in your own practice and freestyles. There will be several shapes and tricks instructed during class, ranging from simple sits, inverted shapes, flexy moves and more! 
week 7-11: Flowy Combos
At 7:10pm - week 1-6: Flowy Combos - During these classes we work on smoothing out our transitions in between our tricks, shapes and spins. We work on making everything look effortless and light in our combo’s. These flows will include several shapes and spins in one sequence, instructed bit by bit to make it manageable.
week 7-11: Spinning Shapes

Spinning pole classes at Poledance Antwerp are meant to extend your pole practice. Previous pole dancing experience is required. A loose drop-in class of 75 minutes is €25. Classes are being taught in Dutch or English, depending on its participants.

Marleen Cousin
+32 479 59 66 28
Oudaan 14
2000 Antwerpen